Local kids donate lemonade stand proceeds to FD

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

On behalf of the Fairfield Volunteer Fire Department, we would like to thank Arhum Shah (age 5), Ariha Shah (age 2), and Aavya Tamakuwala (age 2), as well as their fathers Ariha Shah and Mehul Tamakuwala, for donating their lemonade stand proceeds to the department.

After working hard selling lemonade Arhum, Ariha, and Aavya decided to donate all of the proceeds to the local fire department. We met with them at Station 1 on Fairfield Rd to accept their generous donation and to give them a tour of the fire house and trucks to show our gratitude.

Arhum, Ariha, and Aavya: we enjoyed getting to meet you and hope to see you back at the fire house soon. You are always welcome to stop by!


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