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Route 46 MVA Requires The Use Of Hydraulic Tools

Friday, January 23, 2015  On Wednesday January 21st at approx. 6:20pm the Fairfield Volunteer Fire Department was called out for a motor vehicle accident on Route 46 with entrapment. With the use of hydraulic tools, one person was safely extricated from the vehicle. All other individuals involved removed themselves from their vehicles prior to fire departments arrival. West Essex First Aid Squad treated and transported the patients involved. Nutley Haz. Mat. and DEP were contacted for fluid that ran off into a storm drain. The spill was contained and will be monitored.



Annual Santa Run To Be Held On December 21, 2014

Sunday, December 21, 2014  The Fairfield Volunteer Fire Departments Annual Santa Run will take place this Sunday, December 21, 2014. Please listen for the fire truck siren, with Santa and his firefighter friends to follow, as they make their way around town starting at 10am.



Firefighters Respond To A Tractor Trailer Accident On Interstate 80

Tuesday, November 25, 2014  At approx. 11:45pm on 11/25/2014, the Fairfield Volunteer Fire Department responded to a report of a tractor trailer accident on route 80 west, at mile marker 40.5. Initial reports were received that the driver was trapped inside. Upon Chief Andrew William's and Deputy Chief Timothy Connolly's arrival, members were notified that the driver had already self extricated himself from the tractor trailer with no injuries. Another vehicle traveling east bound was involved in the crash as well. However, escaped with no serious injuries. As a result of the crash, debris from the truck partially closed off the two left lanes on the east bound. Crews from Engine 3 and Squad 1 provided assistance on scene.

The Fire Department remained on scene until the truck was removed. West Essex First Aid Squad provided EMS, as well as the use of their Rescue Truck.



Firefighters & EMT's Take Part In Vehicle Extrication Training

Saturday, November 22, 2014  Firefighters from Fairfield, West Caldwell, North Caldwell, Caldwell, Verona, Roseland, Essex Fells, and members of the West Essex First Aid Squad participated in a vehicle extrication course taught by the the Bergen County EMS Training Center. Personal worked together in all different types of rescue scenarios . The course was held all day Saturday at the Fairfield Fire Department Station 2 firehouse.



Fairfield Firefighters Extinguish Fire In Commercial Building

Friday, October 24, 2014 0016 At approximately 12:16am, that Fairfield Fire Department responded to 330 Fairfield Road after receiving a report of an active water flow alarm. Upon arrival Fire Chief Andrew Williams and Deputy Chief Timothy Connolly found water flowing from the building and a smoke condition. Crews from Engine 1, Engine 2, and Ladder 1 made entry into the building and extinquished the fire. The cause of the blaze remains under investigation by the Fairfield Fire Prevention Bureau.

Assisting the Fairfild Fire Department were fire departments from Caldwell, North Caldwell, West Caldwell and Pine Prook. West Essex First Aid Squad stood by as well.



Fire Prevention Visits School's Around Fairfield

Monday, October 6, 2014  Once again Fire Prevention Week has arrived and just like every year, fire departments around the country are busy sending their reminder to everyone on the importance of fire safety. During the week of October 5-11, the dedicated members of the Fairfield Volunteer Fire Department will spend a couple hours every morning visiting local schools and day care centers, educating students about fire safety. The children were also given the opportunity to look over the equipment and were shown what a firefighter looks like with all of the gear on.



Multiple Incidents Require The Use Of Rescue Tools

Saturday, September 13, 2014  The Fairfield Fire Department responded to two seperate accidents today. The first at 12:47pm on the corner of New Dutch Lane and Passaic Avenue, a MVA involving two vehicles. Pieces of apparatus that responded were Car 1, Engine 1, and Engine 3.

The second at 5:46pm on Stewart Place involving a truck into a ditch. Car 1, Squad 1, Engine 2, and Engine 3 responded, stabilized the vehicle and extricated two individuals safely. 



Box Truck Fire Quickly Extinguished

Friday, December 27, 2013 2127 At approximately 2127 hours the Fairfield Fire Department was notified of a vehicle fire in the lot of 82 Fairfield Road.  Chief Williams and Deputy Chief Connolly arrived to find a fire in the rear of a box truck.  Engine 1 gained access to the rear of the truck and extinguished the fire.  Engine 2 and Engine 3 also arrived on scene to assist.  After an investigation the fire was determined to be caused by an electrical short and the vehicle was turned over to the owner.



Two Firefighters Injured In Second Alarm Fire

Sunday, December 15, 2013 1624 At approximately 1624 the Fairfield Police received a 911 call reporting a house fire at 105 Pier Lane.  Chief Williams and Deputy Chief Connolly arrived first finding the house with fire showing on three sides.  Engine 1 arrived first on scene.  The crew from Engine 1's crew was met at the front of the house by a large volume of fire.  Crews fought their way into their house and began knocking down the bulk of the fire.  Ladder 1, Engine 2 and Engine 3 soon followed, establishing a water supply for Engine 1 and bringing an additional attack line into the house.  Mutual fire departments included Little Falls, North Caldwell, West Caldwell, Lincoln Park, Pine Brook and Verona.  Not all mutual aid units were operating on scene some were standing by to respond to emergencies anywhere else in town.  The cause of the fire is under investigation by the Fairfield Fire Prevention Bureau. 

Two firefighters were transported to Saint Barnabas Medical Center by the West Essex First Aid Squad.  Both were injured while operating inside the house.  One was treated for burns on the arm varying from first to third degree.  The second suffered from a second degree burn to the neck and first degree to both ears.  Both firefighters were treated an released that night and are being treated by the burn center as outpatients.



Man Having A Medical Emergency On Passaic River Rescued

Sunday, October 13, 2013 2210  At approximately 2210 hours the Fairfield Police received a 911 call from the daughter of a boater on the Passaic River who was believed to be having a diabetic emergency on the river and had become disoriented. After the boater was not able to be located from the shoreline, Deputy Chief Connolly setup a command post in the parking lot of 186 Little Falls Road while Chief Williams assisted in launching the rescue boat.  After a search of the river crews located the man in the middle of the river in the area west of the intersection of Pier Lane and Little Falls Road.  Crews found the man having a diabetic emergency and began treating him until they reached the shore.  The man was brought to shore along the Wayne side of the river which was the closest access.  On the Wayne side of the river they were met by Wayne PD, Little Falls Fire Department ambulance and Atlantic Paramedics.  The West Essex First Aid Squad was staging on the Fairfield side of the river at both the command post and the boat launch.  WEFAS remained on scene until the boat crew was out of the water.  The Little Falls Fire Department also launched a rescue boat to assist in the search of the river.



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